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    Location:Home > Technology>S Series Precision Foil Resistors introduced...

    High-precision foil resistors, temperature drift (TCR) of ± 2.0 ppm / ° C,
    Accuracy to ± 0.005% Load stability ± 0.005%

    Up to now, all the resistance, Foil Resistors (Bulk Metal ® Foil) (BMF) in high precision and high stability performance far beyond the other resistor.

    Foil resistors VISHAY first invented and continuous improvement development Foil Resistors has a very wide use, can be customized according to customer requirements, especially.

    S Series Foil Resistors has a very good temperature drift (TCR), has a very good load stability, very high accuracy, fast response time, low current noise, low thermal aggregation, low voltage coefficient, waterproof, no sense of tolerance design these excellent features are reflected in the S series resistance above, and through a large number of high-precision specifications into a single device allows designers to achieve higher performance.

    S Series line with EEE-INST-002 specifications and MIL-PRF-55182 specification military and aerospace applications in the manufacturing process, each of the S series resistance after a short time of 6.25 times the rated power overload test.

    Selection, please pay special attention to the different resistance values ??corresponding to different accuracy and temperature drift, if you have other requirements, please feel free to contact us.

    • temperature coefficient (TCR):
    - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C, 25 ° C ref.
    - S102C: ± 2 ppm / ° C typical (Table 1)
    - S102K: ± 1 ppm / ° C typical (Table 1)
    • Power rating: 0.4W ~ 2 W at + 70 ° C
    • Accuracy: ± 0.005%
    • Load stability: ± 0.005%, 70 ° C, 2000 hours rated power
    • Resistance range: 0.5 Ω ~ 1 MΩ
    • Resistance unrestricted, you can choose the desired value and does not affect the price.
       Does not affect the delivery time, example 1.2345K.
    • Electrostatic discharge voltage of 25 000 V
    • Non-inductive, non-capacitive design
    • Rise time: 1 ns RMS without ringing
    • Current Noise: <- 40 dB
    • Thermal EMF: 0.05 μV / ° C typical
    • Voltage coefficient: <0.1 ppm / V
    • Low inductance: <0.08 μH typical
    • No thermal aggregation design
    • terminal: Lead or tin-lead alloy
    • TCR tracking: 0.5 ppm / ° C

    • High precision amplifier
    • downhole tool (high temperature systems)
    • High precision instruments
    • medical and test equipment
    • Industrial Instrumentation
    • Audio (high-end stereo equipment)
    • electronic scanning and recording equipment, electron microscopy
    • military, aerospace electronic equipment
    • measuring instruments

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