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        According to VarTechsystems to upgrade F-15 fighter avionics test platform, the U.S. Air Force emergency ordered VarTech Systems 27 VT201R Rackmount 20.1-inch LCD panel. The VT201R Rackmount LCD display resolution of 1600 × 1200, and relatively thin, can be used in harsh environments with higher requirements on the size and weight. In addition, the design of this monitor can withstand harsh environments, and has anti-shock, anti-vibration, high brightness, high contrast and so on.

        Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia, Robins Air Force Base announced VarTech Systems has signed an exclusive supply contract for the procurement of F-15 fighter avionics test platform reinforcement display. The current value of the contract has not yet been determined, but the Air Force said that this is an emergency procurement task that must be completed before. Air Force officials said the F-15 fighter avionics test platform software is developed specialized for VarTech system company Added display, such as select other products, software development and testing work will increase, resulting in increased costs.

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