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    SuZhou YunDi Industrial Co., Ltd. Has been committed to the world famous brand electronic components, industrial and military promotion and application of liquid crystal display.
    VISHAY components: co, ARCOL, CADDOCK, TEPRO and OHMITE, LCR and other global more than ten well-known components of the agency. Since the beginning of the established, maintained a rapid growth in sales every year. Company now continue to the introduction of more competitive product lines, to gain greater development. Company in line with the "set Ben the tao gave birth to" enterprise culture idea, always practice in business activities "to the best of my ability, do the best" guidelines, is committed to become China's electronic components industry one of the most trusted suppliers.
    Displays in: the company independent research and development production of key products have industrial/LCD monitor, computer reinforcement is obtained, KVM, LCD module and the relevant drive control components; At the same time according to the special requirements of customers, provide customized service, and provide a complete solution. Our products are its excellent configuration, stable structure, reliable quality, well received by the masses of users. At the same time we or the world famous industrial, military display maker VARTECHSYSTEMS strategic partners in China.


    Our advantage is:
    We are a young, efficient and passionate team, harmonious atmosphere;
    We have a full of competition and incentive pay and benefits;
    We have a good enterprise vision and market prospects;
    We have a full of love and wisdom of enterprise leaders.
    We believe that as long as you are willing to, the company will provide you with blooming stage.
    If you are full of into the workplace;
    If you are willing to grow together with us;
    If you're ready to cast tomorrow;
    So, please join our team.


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