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     Product Name: KVM switch

    Description: Model HIS-KVM1
    Detailed Description:
    KVM Switch
     Product features:
    · Integration was added to our catalog on your desktop in one CAT5 multifunction switch
    · Excellent video effects support, the best resolution support up to 1024 * 768 @ 75Hz
    · Support the full DDC2B not switch the computer can detect the screen model
    · Dual interface PS / 2 / USB keyboard and mouse switch, RJ-45 interface CAT5 connection control computer
    · Rackmount standard 1U height, 19 "standard rack structure is suitable for 19" standard rack installation
    · Desktop and Rackmount user-friendly design, easy installation and removal, increase administrator efficiency
    · Switch modes using keyboard hotkeys and OSD buttons to operate, and can manage up to 512 computers
    · Password security protection, only authorized users can view and manage online computer
    · Support the the applicable engine room of the brand server and IPC: such as IBM, DELL, HP, SUN, Lenovo, Advantech, CRESUN, EVOC, etc.
    · Compatible family of operating systems support for Microsoft, Linux, Unix, and other
    Model HIS-KVM1
    Directly connected to the computer 16
    Up to connect the computer 512
    Cable port control terminal: Display; PSII / USB keyboard, mouse; cable
                     PC side: turn mouse / keyboard / VGA RJ-45 cable
    OSD switch supports
    Switching mode hotkey function key to switch the OSD menu control
    Switch scan time 1 to 255 seconds (OSD adjustable)
    The front electronic key through electronic keys to select the appropriate server
    Voltage Input AC 100V-240V 47-63Hz Power: 1W
    Cabinet Material high strength anti-corrosive rigid plate
    Color Insulation black paint (other colors optional)
    Dimensions 180mm * 438mm * 44mm (L * W * H)
    Weight 5.8KG
    With standard 19 "rack mount cabinet Added
    Storage temperature -30 ° C to 65 ° C
    Operating temperature -10 ° C to 60 ° C
    Humidity 0% to 80% RH
    Safety Certification CCC FCC CE
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